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    Mehar Afshan

    جی المیہ تو یہی ہے کہ ان سب چیزوں کو کوئی المیہ سمجھتا ہی نہیں ہے 🙁

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    Dear writer, indeed Islam does not restrict women from offering Namaz in Masjid. But for your kind information, centuries ago, Sahaba e Kiram (Razi ALLAH TA’ALA Anhum Ajmaeen) have realized the danger of possible fitna. The event of a Sahabi (Razi ALLAH TA’ALA Anhu) who adopted a disguised approach (sitting in her path towards Masjid & address / disturb her as a stranger, just a staged act to convince his wife to offer Namaz at home. His wife then stopped going to Masjid and when he enquired she said that now the haalat are not conducive for women to go & offer Namaz in Masjid) might not have gone thru your eyes. So dear though women can go to Masjid but keeping in view the decreasing moral values, crimes against women and to avoid fitna, it is better that women offer Namaz at home. However, official verdict must be taken from Ulama e Kiram.


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