Matrix: The Rabbit Hole

First movie of Matrix trilogy was the best of them all. A fictional city Zayan was being attacked by fictional characters of Agents. They were living in a fictional software world called Matrix. But Neo, the hero of the film was seen to be bending the logical world of software world based on bytes and was trying to beat the Matrix. Neo could dodge bullets, fly and had powers no one of his specie had. But he was not immortal. Mere human. The trilogy ended with Matrix and Neo got into a deal and both of their species survived, but Neo had to sacrifice himself. Matrix didn’t allow his survival as he was the challenge they were afraid off.

Pakistan, it seems to be controlled by a Matrix and so many indestructible agents. They seems to pop-up each time a self professed Neo, who thinks he can beat the Matrix and agents running it.

Pakistani politics, democracy or no democracy, is chaos personified, apparently due to an unseen Matrix or its agents.

Each episode of chaos, separated by 6 to 9 months, erupts its seems out of nothing. Let me keep the history modern to make this piece spicy.

Musharraf blamed his exit on his ISI head, later to be his forced replacement, Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiani. Though Zardari and Nawaz Sharif took credit for Musharraf”s unceremonious departure. But frankenstein of Lawyers Movement was created and run by General Ashafaq Pervaiz Kinai.

Musharraf blamed Kiani for his unflattering departure. He was later tried for treason, for his attempted mutiny to remove Kiani as an Army Chief. Matrix and it’s agents saved the system and Neo was defeated.

The 2014 Dharna was apparently a popular movement. But later a London plan and it’s writers were told to be General Zahir ul Islam, then ISI chief.

Both these chaotic episodes in Pakistan’s political history were not to remove corrupt or treasonous rulers, but General Kiani and General Zahir wanted to become Army Chiefs, pinical of any army commissioned officer.

TLP was created by Lt General Rizwan, replacing General Zahir, and now it seems is about to be taken down by current Army Chief General Bajwa and his henchman General Faiz Hameed.

We do know TLP was part of Matrix and created as agent of destabilization. But their recent actions and consequent reaction by so called state seems to suggest that there is more to Pie then meets the eye.

Do we know all? hell no. Will we know all? hell yes.

Matrix will defeat Neo, come what may. At least we are hoping, if Pakistan’s so call political history is any guide.

One iconic dialogue made Matrix movie extremely memorable: It was, when Neo was taken out from Matrix and taken to so called real world by Morfeous. He said "All I am offering is the truth, if you take the red pill, you will know soon how deep the rabbit hole is”, will we know how deep is the rabbit hole is?. Don’t think so. Neo died after two more films of trilogy with Matrix intact.


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